Saturday, April 11

Getting settled in.

The last of my equipment was finally delivered today. Moving is such a hastle. This makes the third time this year that I've had to relocate. You would think that people would be more understanding of a young super-genius. I told the landlord that I would have the money I owed him just as soon I heard back from D.C. I'm certain that my latest invention will revolutionize the travel industry. But the boarish old man wouldn't have anything of the sort. It didn't help that my neighbors were constantly harrassing the man to evict me. You would think that people would love having a celebrity living near them. Well, technically I'm not a celebrity, as I haven't been discovered by the scientific community yet. But it will happen some day. Uncle Nicola continues to encourage me, saying that most people are unenlightened baffoons who will never understand true genius. I must remember to write a letter thanking him for the small amount of money I needed to aquire my new home. I'm expecting to hear back from Washington any day now, and then I will be able to pay him back, with interest. I'll be able to pay rent for several months in advance, and not have to worry about anything for some time.